Nancy Burton, Principal

When Nancy was a little girl, her parents took her to Manhattan to visit two of her older brothers at Kansas State. That evening, she lay in the back seat of the family car and watched the street lights pass as they crossed the bridge.

She was destined to attend K-State herself and, after graduating with her B.S. in Business Administration, she took a job in another town. Manhattan called her back, though. 30 years ago, she came to BBN. The firm’s a second family; she’s watched it grow with, and help to shape, a town she loves.

As BBN’s Director of Marketing, and Communications Manager, Nancy builds relationships with clients that often last longer than any one project. Her job is all about finding and nurturing connections with clients, almost all of which have just a few degrees of separation.

Not surprisingly, with two of her own daughters graduated from K-State, she’s maintained that connection her entire life, too. Expect to see her in purple on game days.

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