Project Tech Loft in the Marshall Theater Building

Originally constructed in 1909, the Marshall Theater Building is an important landmark in the community. It was considered one of the best theaters in the region in its time and is identified as a contributing building in the Downtown District of Manhattan, Kansas, which is listed on the National Register of Historic places.

The current Owner desired to repurpose the first floor for restaurant and retail space while returning the exterior to a state more in keeping with the original design. BBN Architects provided full design services for the award-winning whole building restoration in 2015, and subsequently for a comprehensive interior remodel of 7,000 s.f. of second story office space to serve as the temporary home for the Programming Division of CivicPlus; a growing company that provides design services for city and county e-government services. The space accommodates over 40 computer programmers working in a collaborative open office setting, along with a variety of meeting space and small group work areas. This served as transitional space for critical content developers while they awaited completion of construction of their new corporate headquarters building.

The Owner’s foresight in adaptively reusing the Marshall Theater building has allowed it to regain its importance as a part of a revitalized and growing downtown. The restaurant, retail and office spaces have become not only significant revenue generators for the community, but also enhance the quality of life and support the growing population of residents choosing to live in the downtown area.

2015 Award of Excellence in Historic Preservation
The Manhattan/Riley County Preservation Alliance
Marshall Theatre Building Restoration

2015 Preservation Merit Award for Excellence
Kansas Preservation Alliance
Marshall Theatre