Project Diamond Creek Hunting Lodge

Residing at the head of a gentle hill sloping to the south and approached from the north along the hill crest is this hunting lodge, the feature structure of the Diamond Creek Ranch. The long east-west orientation and broad overhangs of the structure optimize solar exposure and create shelter for the generous south terrace. This primary outdoor terrace space is flanked by native perennial prairie gardens and features panoramic views to the south over a vast restored native wildflower meadow.

The primary interior great room space features open structure glulam timber framing and provides generous views to the north and south. A full chef’s kitchen with custom cabinetry opens on to the great room. Secondary spaces include sleeping room suites, staff quarters, and large mud rooms.

Conceived as refined, elegant, and comfortable the structure features honest materials and thoughtful orientation sensitive to the context and appropriate to the place. BBN led a comprehensive site selection process and provided full architectural and landscape architectural services.