Patrick Schaub, Principal


His great grandfather sculpted stone. His grandfather was a woodcarver, and his father did fine carpentry. Patrick Schaub inherited the pride in craft, and developed an interest in buildings as his parents remodeled and built three homes during his childhood.

He loved to draw, and still does. He built everything from birdhouses to bicycles. Then, in high school, working as a handyman and groundskeeper at a home designed by Harris Armstrong, he came to further appreciate the relationship between architecture and nature.

Patrick attended Kansas State University and worked summers for a civil/structural engineer, honing his technical skills and contributing to the design of projects from houses to park pavilions. He joined Brent Bowman after graduating, promising to stay until his “temporary” project assignment was completed. His love for the Flint Hills, and a shared ethic for architecture that fits, have made the relationship as durable as his work.

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