Project Terrace Guesthouse

Located within an established neighborhood, this guesthouse is conceived as a place of retreat and entertainment. Organized around a central garden terrace and spa pool, the building turns inward and emphasizes the indoor-outdoor connection.

The main space of the guesthouse is a ‘pavilion’ room integral to indoor-outdoor entertaining. It opens onto the terrace via an overhead operable glass door and is minimally conditioned with radiant heat and ceiling fans. Secondary interior spaces include two guestroom suites, a shared kitchenette/bar, and a golf simulator room to support the Owner’s avid golf hobby.

Appropriate massing, scale, and material use integrates the northern public street side of the building with the surrounding established neighborhood. Guests enter the inner terrace from the north via a landscaped path and breezeway.

Local limestone masonry is the primary exterior building material and is also used in the landscape design as planters, pavers, site walls and stairs. Native perennial plantings are featured throughout the site as a welcoming element for guests on the north and wrapping around the building to buffer the private entertainment terrace.

BBN provided full architectural and landscape architecture services.