Project Columbia Residence

Inspired by a house seen in a movie, this client sought a modernist residence which would include grand spaces for entertaining, white walls as a backdrop for art, and generous windows to view their natural surroundings.

The large site is intensely wooded and slopes steeply to a creek and agricultural land beyond. As the valley contains farmland belonging to the University of Missouri, an enduring view is assured.

Creating a clear distinction between private areas and those for living and entertaining was a key design consideration. There was also a desire to turn a private face to the street while opening the west elevation to views of the agricultural valley beyond.

The house was given a sense of permanence through the detailing of openings and surfaces. Windows are punched into the east and south elevations and interior columns and pilasters suggest a “thick walled” materiality. The steel framed grid of the west elevation accommodates shading devices and frames the view from the living room. Floors of white ash and slate, finishes of granite and marble, and highly crafted steel handrails contribute to the quality of space.

Award for Excellence in Architecture: AIA Kansas