Project Varney & Associates

This building, purpose-built for Varney & Associates CPAs, LLC, is the new home for this growing
accounting firm. This 2-story, 18,000 square foot facility allows V & A to house their entire on-site staff
under one roof for the first time in several years, while also accommodating periodic use by their
sizeable travelling and work-from-home staff.

This company promotes a culture of community and family among all of its employees. This culture
has to be balanced with the necessity for confidentiality regarding their clients’ accounts. The design
utilizes clusters of private offices defined by the various client types, arranged around shared meeting
and conference spaces. This scheme allows visual and acoustic privacy when dealing with clients, as
well as opportunities for teaming and collaboration. The plan includes a large, dividable conference
space adjacent to a generous kitchen/break room that facilitates a variety of staff meetings, training
functions, and social events.

The building is located at the west end of Poyntz Avenue and serves to anchor the west end of the
commercial corridor extending from Downtown. It establishes a commercial identity for this area
while being sensitive to the adjacent residential neighbors to the south.

Historic Preservation Building Award; Infill: The Manhattan/Riley County Preservation Alliance