Project Fleet Maintenance Facility

Manhattan, Kansas, a city of 50,000 residents underwent a review of their operations and facilities of their Public Works. BBN Architects teamed with the consulting firm of Effective Management Decisions, LLC to prepare a feasibility study for a Combined Facility to house the city’s Water maintenance, Wastewater maintenance, Street maintenance, Fleet maintenance and Forestry and Parks maintenance operations. The goal of the study was to evaluate the existing practices and assess the possible improvements in efficacy and efficiency possible with a combined facility.

The maintenance departments studied were housed in four (4) separate sites, all of which were facilities adapted from repurposed buildings. BBN performed an extensive data collection phase that included assembling fleet and equipment inventories, material inventories, site visits, employee interviews, aerial photographs, GIS information, and review of environmental assessment reports, and property value appraisals. Results were compiled into a written and graphic report summarizing the benefits and shortcomings of the existing facilities, and 24 recommendations for efficiency and safety improvements ranging from facility suggestions to management software recommendations. The study culminated in a space program for a new combined maintenance facility and a site evaluation and selection process. BBN prepared a conceptual plan and an Opinion of Probable Construction Cost.

BBN provided assistance to the City in the competitive selection of a Construction Manager. Following that selection, BBN provided full architectural services through design and construction. The facility was ready for operation in February 2023.