Project FarmHouse – KSU

The Kansas State chapter of FarmHouse was chartered in 1921; the fifth ever to be established. Their agricultural focus was a natural fit with Kansas State University’s identity as a land-grant college.

BBN has been fortunate to provide repeat services to the FarmHouse since 1987. The most recent project is a major renovation and addition to the house including a renovation and addition to the existing dining room, nearly doubling its size. Also included is a separate 2-story addition that includes a new Seminar room, Library/Study room, bathroom, sleeping dorms, and laundry room.

The scope of work also includes renovation of several spaces including renovating the existing dorms to study rooms, adaptation of a study room to an isolation room, converting two study rooms into a conference room and new carpet in all existing study rooms.

Exterior improvements include expanded parking, a new basketball court and new landscaping around the new addition.