Project Dorothy Bramlage Public Library

In 1905 a local businessman named George Smith donated his estate to the cause of a public library in Junction City. His donation led to the construction of a downtown building which opened in 1908. By the mid 1970’s Junction City had grown, and a new library was needed to serve the expanded population.

The Dorothy Bramlage Public Library was established in May of 1983 and made possible in large part by a generous donation from the Bramlage family after a public bond issue failed to pass. This new library was originally proposed to be more than half as big as what was ultimately constructed and today the library faces space needs challenges to serve the Junction City community.

BBN Architects conducted a needs assessment and a public planning process in 2016 for the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library in Junction City. The end result was a program document for design, which explored doubling the size of the existing building on the same site.

A further study was conducted to look at building a new facility just north of the existing building which would include a 2nd story and finished shell space to grow into. The images shown here are representative of this latest study.