Project Wassmer Park

After acquiring this 3-acre property from the Faith Lutheran Church, the City of Prairie Village  selected BBN Architects to lead the design process for a new neighborhood park project.  This extensive effort involved leading public input sessions, developing alternative concepts, producing the necessary bid documents, and providing construction administration services. 

During the public input process, participants stressed the need for amenities that would  accommodate all age groups. Consequently, the proposed design takes advantage of the site’s  elevation change to create a quiet setting for a bocce court, park shelter, and a Johnson County  Master Gardeners demonstration garden on the park’s west side, along with a quarter mile walking  loop that encompasses a majority of the park. Down the hill toward the center of the park, play areas  for two age groups feature a number of play elements unique to the area. Park users also can enjoy  the open green space that is such a commodity within this denser suburban setting. 

Visitor comfort is paramount so the park is equipped with heated restrooms, two shelters, and plenty  of seating. As part of Prairie Village’s sustainability initiative, the two park shelters are equipped with  photovoltaic panels to supply power for the park’s uses. For its relatively small size, Wassmer Park  provides a wide range of recreation in this close-knit community.